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To Shri Mukthanand Maharaj, anandashram,KANHANGAD, KERALA 671531
Dear Swamiji,
I was immensely happy to meet you and take your blessings and that of Pappas.
The Indian Institute of Global Governance and Leadership
The Global Institute for Good Governance and Leadership - is a huge task with unfathomable depth and Width.

What gives me the confidence is my faith in the very large no of people who think deeply about their Countries and beyond their boundaries and the NET which can put all of us together as I throw open this project for endorsement from the world.

Making of Extraordinary Leaders in hundreds and thousands in the years to come and make them available for State/National governance and to World Governance bodies like the UN is one way we can strongly address the serious issues haunting them at micro and macro levels.

In fact one of the papers submitted as Vision document to UN, in many places talks about the dearth of visionary leadership in Nations big and small coming as a stumbling block in seeing many many initiatives coming to knots.

Hence making of Citizen centric States,Nations,and also the new world order cannot any further be left to chance,but by design we should make it a reality by inducting great leadership into Governance in every country and world over.

Here it will not be out of sight to mention the positive and visible strides India and many of it states are making under newly elected leaderships.

Now coming to the formation of the Institute, this need to be done by the best hearts,minds and souls in India and world over.

We need to decide on the various inputs to the course,general and country specific,The methodology,the period for such a course,the entry age and other prerequisites,the people who form the core team,the exhaustive list of guest lecturers and 'on hand' experts who will play the key role in the Chiseling of the Future Leaders.

The task is enormous and much beyond what I have stated.

But I am sure as I open this to the world vide a dedicated portal it will bring hundreds and thousands of great men and women,sincere to render their strengths and build this institute step by step - nay - brick by brick and give it the right shape and dedicate it to the Future, The future we are dreaming about.

Initially I feel that we should go for tie ups with some of the Chosen Institutes in India and abroad to quickly launch this prestigious course and only in the long run go for a central facility of our own which will be the Beacon Light guiding the rest.

in the last ten years of my association with u in VSET,NDSO, and the THIRD FORCE,i always found u deeply thinking and serving the country and all the time praying for humanity,beyond the narrowness of religion or nations.

This project belongs to that Humanity and I request u to be a part of it guiding and contributing.

I ones again thank u for the good words of support and the gracious blessings.
As u said - Let God be with us,
With Pranams,