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Eternally Talented India - 108 Facts

Swamy Vivekananda

Title: Eternally Talented India – 108 Facts
Year of Publication: January 2008
Publisher: Vivekananda Life Skills Academy, Secunderabad


1.The Significance of 108

Astronomical Talents

2.Spherical Earth - who knew it first?
3.Many Apples had fallen before Newton's Gravity Laws
4.Who goes around whom, Earth vs Sun?
5.Seven Colours of Sun Light
6.Measuring the Speed of Light
7.Scaling the Eternal Time
8.Jantar-Mantar, a place for monitoring Heavens

Medical Talents

10.Pioneering the Surgery --World's First Surgeons
11.Ayurveda--A Therapeutical Treasure
12.Hrdayam-- for Healthy Heart Beats
13.Test Tube Babies
14.Benefiting from the Cow
15.Tulasi--The Wonder Herb
16.Long drawn battles for Turmeric and Neem
17.Copper Shields our Health
18.Successful Jai-"poor" Foot

Green skills of Eternal India

19.Traditional Agricultural Expertise
20.Father of Botony--Sage Parasara
21.Indian Cattle Science

Scientific Talents

22.Genius of Indian Mathematical Brains
23.Indian Chemistry through Ages
24.Ship Building Skills
25.Machine Science of India
26.Hijacked Indian Aeronautics
27.Sound Secrets
28.Hidden Knowledge in Nataraja's Cosmic Dance
29.Finding the Basic Building Blocks of the Universe --Atomic theory
30.String Theory
31.Time Space & Relativity --Einstein Vs India's Perspective
32.Evolution theory -- Animal-Human-God or reverse, Which is true?

Technological Talents

33.Sage Agastya's way of Generating Electriciry
34.Building Technology of India>
35.Indian Town planning Skills
36.World's First Constructed Dam
37."Paper" made in India-first
38.Technique of predicting Earth Quakes
39.Finding the Underground Water Resources
40.A metallurgical marvel --Delhi Iron pillar
41.Origin of Lens
42.Art of brightening Diamonds
43.Magnet & its Varieties
44.Marconi's wire "Less" values
45.Textile technogoly of India

Vedic Cultural Excellence

46.Vedas -- The Creator's Manual
47.Great bluff of Aryan Invasion Theory
48.Saraswati River & once Glorious Civilisation
49.Under water city of Lord Krisna
50.Landmarks of Rama's Bridge on Indian Ocean
51.World's Oldest Port--Lothal
52.The Eighteen Puranas
53.Vedic Chandas & its Excellence
54.Transport System During Vedic Times
55.Ancient Scientific Texts of India

Modern Indian Talents

56.Indian Elephant Dancing its way to become an Economic Superpower
57.Modern Indian Scientists
58.Indian Industrial Giants
59.Indian Multinational Companies
60.Massive Indian Railways
61.Sucess story of Indian Space Technology
62.Largest Portal Network of the World
63.Ingineous Tank Irrication System in India

Spiritual Excellence

64.Rsis --Great Seers of India
65.Global Influence of Indian Spiritual Gurus
66.The Grandeur of Indian Spiritual Excellence
67.Prophecies of Swami Vivekananda

Talented Nonresident Indians

68.Nonresident Indians-- Scientists && Intellectuals
69.NRI-- Millionaries,Industrialists,Busness & Political Leaders
70.NRI-- Contributions to America's Progress< br>

Educational Talents

71.World's First Universities
72.Ancient Indian Libraries
73.Panini's Logic & Computer Languages
74.Samskrta Words in English
75.Maculay's Game Plan of Wesernizing Indian Generations
76.Indian Educational Scene When British Entered India
77.Replicating Indian Teachiing Methods in England

Ancient Indian Global Influnce

78.Ages ago Indians reached American Shores
79.India,The China's Teacher
80.Indians Inspired Greeks
81.South Asian Cultural Bondage
82.Influencing East Asian Countries
83.Ties with Rome & Egypt

Indian Military Skills

84.Indian Science of Warfare
85.History's First Atomic Explosion at Harrappa
86.Inventing Gun Powder
87.World's First Rocket Launches

Governing Skills of Ancient India

88.Dharma Sastras-- The Science of Ethics
89.Nyaya Sastra-- The Science of Logic/Reasoning
90.India--The Cradle of Democracy
91.Indian Governing Principles Through Ages

Talents in Mystical Sciences

92.The Science of Vastu for Harmonious Living
93.Yoga-- The World's Craze of the Day
94.Mantra Science & its Application
95.The Samudrika Sastra-- The Science of Body Language
96.Jyotisa-- The Science of light that Correlates Planetary influence on Human Behaviour

Artistic Excellence

97.Indian Sculpture & Painting
98.Natya Sastram
99.Musical Melody of India
100.Beauty of Samskrta Literature
101.Avadhanam--The Languge Gymnastics

Exemplary Indian Womanhood

102.Women Rsis
103.Womens Rulers Through Ages

Talents in Sports

104.Indian Sports & Sports Legends

Oher Indian Glories

105.Taj Mahal --A Wonderful Mystery
106.Eternal Fragrance of Indian Perfumes
107.Natural Dyes --Eternal India in Flying Colours
108.Sugar's Sweet History