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நாடு , நாடு, அதை நாடாவிட்டால் - ஏது வீடு; ஓடு, ஓட்டைப் போடு -- அதை போடாவிட்டால் -- ஏது நாடு? தேர்தல் நாளினிலே. ஓர் புள்ளியை வைத்திடடா; தேசத்தின் இருளுக்கெல்லாம். ஓர் கொள்ளியை வைத்திடடா.             I am nothing but God, I am limited God, He is Unlimited…… Soon I will also be... N Harihara Subramaniyan

Founder Trustees (NDSO)
Networking and Development Center Service Organisation


Mr. N Harihara subramanian, Mr. J Prabhakar, Dr. Alagar ramanujam

NDSO is a non profit voluntary service organization aimed to be a catalyst to identify SCATTERED SELFLESS VOLUNTEERS who are doing YEOMEN SERVICE TO THE SOCIETY and TO ENABLE THEM TO ENLARGE THEIR ACTIVITIES according to their potential for the benefit of the suffering poor and less privileged people.

NDSO would like to endeavor on the overall development of the fraternal members for their progress through moral assistance and fiscal support in the execution of their activities.

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Barun Kumar, Kodaikanal – India Nirman Sangam, Sri Vivekanandan Gandhiya Iyakkam, Thirunelveli (Thalaivar), Chandrasekar, Udavum Ullangal, Vellore – helpingheartsvellore.in




NDSO - the background

Lot of Service organization (NGO) are functioning in the country with lot of common cause. Why not these organizations are brought into the network so that many common issues can be discussed, shared and implemented more effectively. The formation of NDSO was in this background...

With the Noble cause in agenda, NDSO was formed during 2005. The Founder Trustees include Mr N Harihara Subramaniyan, Mr J Prabhakar and Dr. Alagar Ramanujam. The first meeting of EIGHTY local social organizations met at "Shankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital" hosted by Dr Badrinath at his premises.

The movement thus formed has now blossomed to 1200+ organizations into its fold. Through this movement, today we are able to see lot of benefits happening to the society.

Every year NDSO meet identifies the best social service organization for the year and recognises through the momento and cash award of Rs. 25,000/-. NDSO promoter Mr N Harihara Subramaniyan's company Mayuras' sponsors this award.

NDSO - the Coimbatore meet

Audience in the Annual NDSO meet at Coimbature on Jan 15, 2015. Nearly 1400 members from nearly 1000 NGOs participated.

NGO's get-together at Ramnagar Gigani school Auditorium, Coimbatore - Letter from Hariharan to SSS
From:"Hariharan Subramaniyan"
Date:Jan 6, 2015
Subject:Seeing your service activities and meeting u
The Secretary, SSS, Singanallur, Trichy Road, Cbe 641005
Dear Sri.Srinivas,
It was a divine blessing to visit your complex, see the service activities and subsequently meeting u.

I came there as a part of a bigger team of 30 social leaders from all over Tamilnadu to see some of the best service organizations of Coimbatore. The next day,Sunday, more than 1000 NGO's got together at Ramnagar Gigani school Auditorium for a days deliberations. tarted 10 years ago to bring all small social organizations and socially conscious people together- NDSO-Networkig and Developmentof Service Organizations- we have grown to this level bringing huge Synergy and Support amidst us. We all meet together on the first Sunday of January every year and that's how I was there to see and meet u. I felt the presence of Divinity in the campus everywhere.

I will deem it a great Divine blessing to associate with SSS and contribute in the areas of Value Education,Modernteaching/learning Methodologies, Imparting Skill sets for Vocation,Entrepreneurship and Leadership development programswhich are my core strengths. Incidentally we run a world Class Community College near Pondicherry in the name of Swami Vivekananda where we impartValues and Skill sets and give immediate employment to boys and girls who could not perform well in the School program.

Currently we offer Nursing,Office management, AC&Refrigeration, Electrician and Plumbing, Four/Two wheeler Mechanism,Computer Hardware Maintenance courses all spanning one year.U will find Sri G.V.Subramanian and Anuradha Subramanian thefounders in the photos attached. I have great pleasure in attaching a few photos captured by me connected to this letter and a write up I saw in today's Hinduechoing what u said about your nutrition program for 1500 children. Soon I will make a visit with prior appointment and we shall see how best we can hold hands and dedicate further to humanity and God.

Please convey my Pranams to your Chairman Sri.Subramanian

Warm Regards,

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