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Sukriti Social Foundation, Chennai

Sukriti's vision is 'a society where there is equal opportunity for the disabled and where they can live with dignity and self-esteem'
Segment: Differently abled person’s welfare

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Sukriti Social Foundation

Sukriti Social Foundation

The Trust background

Sukriti Social Foundation

Sukriti Social Foundation is a Chennai based cross-disability organization which focuses more on persons with mobility impairment. Started in 2006, have initiatives in prevention, rehabilitation, training, self-employment and advocacy.


Sukriti Social Foundation

The Trust cares for and rehabilitates the disabled from economically challenged families. Sukriti rehabilitates them by providing assistive devices like calipers, crutches, artificial limbs, tri wheelers, white canes and hearing aids.

The Mission

Sukriti Social Foundation

The mission of Sukriti is

  1. Prevention of disability through road safety campaigns
  2. Rehabilitation of the disabled by providing assistive devices
  3. Job placements for the disabled
  4. Advocacy
  5. Training and empowerment of the disabled