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நாடு , நாடு, அதை நாடாவிட்டால் - ஏது வீடு; ஓடு, ஓட்டைப் போடு -- அதை போடாவிட்டால் -- ஏது நாடு? தேர்தல் நாளினிலே. ஓர் புள்ளியை வைத்திடடா; தேசத்தின் இருளுக்கெல்லாம். ஓர் கொள்ளியை வைத்திடடா.             I am nothing but God, I am limited God, He is Unlimited…… Soon I will also be... N Harihara Subramaniyan


N Harihara Subramaniyan

Worked for M/s TAFE, Sembium for FIVE years (1976-80) - the First employment experience.

Even though I had a better offer monitarily from another company, I decided to join TAFE as I thought I will be able to learn a lot here, as it manufactures a complete product 'TRACTOR'. Thats the time Mr. M L S Rao from TATA Group has just taken over as GM and the company was becoming more professional.

During the training I put my hands and heart everywhere and started working hard and smarter. I was given the assignment to co-ordinate the various aspects of the PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT of MF-245, a new tractor which gave me the fortune of directly interacting and reporting to GM still as a trainee.

I still remember vividly the interview conducted by Mr M L S Rao in his room flanked by Sri. P S Subramanian, Production Manager, Sri N S Swaminathan, Manager QC, Mr Narayanan, Plant Incharge and Mr Alex the Personnal Masnager.

Mr Rao inspired me at the very first sight as a Leader. After joining every passing day reinforced that inspiration. In the mornings invariably I will Cross him in the aisle of machine shop or assembly. Neatly dressed in immaculate dark blue pant and light blue shirt, with a distinct slant in the walk and a measured smile in the face, it will be always a treat to watch him moving past with a soft 'hello', a partly raised hands wishing you back.

Even after his walking past the joy will be with me for some more time - Such was his persona even now at 80+. I am fortunate to be in continuous touch with him till date. He did send me to quite a few special courses during the training period, encouraged me to carry out some of my suggestions to cut cost, process change, etc. and implement by myself.

I was choosen by him to be the co-ordinator for MF-245 which gave me the all round ability and confidence - which later helped me in charting my own course as an Entrepreneur.

My Dear Sri M.L.S. Rao, You always has a special place in my heart. I pray God Almighty for your good health and longivity.